Research in Advanced Materials explores novel processing, characterization and design techniques for construction materials to build, repair, monitor, and even power our surrounding infrastructure. Material systems include polymers, composites, cement-based materials and concrete, and asphalts. 

Led by Professors Yin and Kawashima, the department’s research in advanced materials has recently focused on the following representative projects:

  • Development of 3D printing concretes through rheological characterization and processing;
  • Alternative aggregates/clinkers/binders for concrete to reduce carbon footprint by sourcing from by-products of waste-to-energy, mineral carbon sequestration, and harvesting metal hydroxides from seawater;
  • Multifunctional building envelope materials for energy harvesting and storage, thermal management and temperature conditioning, and smart sensing and control.
  • Virtual experiments and manufacture of novel advanced materials including multiphase flow, nanocomposites, and multilayered materials and structures.