Your academic success is important to us. That’s why you’ll be introduced to your academic advisor before you get to campus. Your academic advisor is here to provide guidance, advice, and encouragement, and help you with important steps like selecting electives that meet your educational objectives.

MS: As the MS program does not have specific coursework requirements, students are expected to meet with their faculty adviser prior to course registration each semester for guidance about their course selection. Your faculty adviser is available to assist you in designing an academic program which will satisfy the requirements for the MS degree and meet your educational and career objectives.

MS/PhD/DES: Students beginning the MS with intentions of continuing to the doctorate (whether the PhD or Doctor of Engineering Science) will set up a program with the advice of a faculty member in the general area of the student’s research interest. In setting up the program of 30 points for the MS plus 30 points beyond the MS, attention will be given to preparation for the qualifying examination as well as to the foundation for the intended research.

For guidance in Construction Engineering and Management, see Professor Feniosky Peña-Mora or lecturers Julius Chang and Ibrahim Odeh.

For guidance in Engineering Mechanics, see Professors Jacob Fish and Haim Waisman.

For guidance in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources, see Professor Patricia Culligan.

For guidance in Forensic Structural Engineering, see Professor George Deodatis.

For guidance in Geotechnical Engineering, see Professors Hoe I. Ling and Steve Sun.

For guidance in Structural Engineering, see Professors Raimondo BettiGeorge Deodatis, Maria Feng, Shiho Kawashima, Ioannis KougioumtzoglouAndrew Smyth, or Huiming Yin.

For information about faculty research areas, please visit our faculty profiles.