CEEM Lead Teaching Fellows Host Seminars for Ph.D. Students and Postdocs

Dec 03 2019

On November 1st, the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) collaborated with the Great Presentations Institute (GPI) to hold a workshop event at CEEM: How to Give a Great Presentation.
Ph.D. candidate Siyan Wang is a CTL Lead Teaching Fellow (LTF) for CEEM. Siyan will hold two seminars this year for CEEM students to promote CTL’s focus on excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.

Nine Ph.D. students and postdocs from CEEM attended the CTL/GPI event. Siyan introduced CTL and welcomed the GPI officers Scott Mitchell-Kontak and Jake Harris Rabinowitz. Scott described GPI, our new Engineering graduate student club dedicated to excellence in presentation and science communication. Dr. Janet Kayfetz gave a talk about the principal components of presentation delivery. Jake followed with a talk about backward buildup as a technique for organizing a presentation story.
“I was very excited about the student turnout and participation at my first workshop,” Siyan said. “I feel grateful to collaborate with Janet, Scott, and Jake to hold our workshop. I also want to thank CTL for supporting our seminar. We had food and a good time!”
Please watch for information about Siyan’s next workshop in Spring. For information about future GPI workshops please contact Scott and Jake at [email protected].

Ph.D. candidate AlaEddin Douba, also a CEEM LTF, held his seminar on October 29th. The topic was How to Foster Semester-long Research Groups in the Lab Environment. Six Ph.D. students across SEAS who attended were happy to learn about how to mentor students for their independent research studies, and all benefitted from the seminar experience. The seminar emphasized the importance of clear communication, research objectives, backward design and suggested a universal group structure.
“I wanted to focus on mentoring skills and help my peers learn more on how to foster research environment and lead their independent research groups. I feel that these skills are critical for those in pursuit of research-based careers,” said AlaEddin, “I am very happy that my event was well received --I have received positive feedback from the students who attended!”

CEEM Lead Teaching Fellows Host Seminars

CEEM Lead Teaching Fellows Host Seminars