Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics offers undergraduate programs in civil engineering and engineering mechanics. Both are intended to prepare students with firm technical bases while nurturing decision-making and leadership potential.
Our undergraduate curriculum requires 27 credit points of non-technical electives to be taken from Columbia College's famous Core Curriculum. We consider this strong emphasis on the humanities to be a prerequisite for the education of tomorrow's leaders.

Program Details

The Civil Engineering Program is designed to enable the student, upon completion of the BS degree program, to enter the profession—for example, in industry, on a construction project, in a consulting engineering office, through a government agency—or to begin graduate study, or both.

The Engineering Mechanics Program provides a strong analytical and experimental background in applied mechanics for students planning to continue on to graduate school and to pursue research. The program emphasizes the mechanics of civil engineering structures and engineering materials, and also introduces latest development into the area, including nanomechanics and biomechanics. Research opportunities are abundant for undergraduate students throughout the semester or during the summer. Admission to the Engineering Mechanics Program requires a grade point average of B or better and maintenance of performance while in the program.

Your academic success is important to us. That’s why you’ll be introduced to your academic advisor – or Advising Dean –  before you get to campus. Your academic advisor is here to provide guidance, advice, and encouragement, and help you with important steps like selecting electives that meet your educational objectives. Click Here to learn more.