Former PhD student becomes an Assistant Professor at New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oct 15 2021

Dr. Mostafa Mobasher, a former PhD student working with Professor Haim Waisman has recently started a new appointment as Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering at NYUAD, in affiliation with the Civil and Urban Engineering and the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering departments at New York University, Tandon School of Engineering. He received his PhD and MPhil Degrees from Columbia University in Engineering Mechanics in 2017, with his PhD thesis titled “Enhanced Continuum Damage Modeling of Mechanical Failurein Ice and Rocks”. 

Dr. Mobasher leads the Computational Solid Mechanics (CSM) research lab at NYUAD with applications to geomechanics, constitutive material modeling, numerical methods and solution algorithms, optimization and inverse problems, and parallel computing.