Grant/Award: An expandable polymeric valved conduit to repair congenital heart valves

Oct 14 2021

Currently available heart valve prostheses have no growth potential, forcing children with heart valve diseases to endure repeated open-heart surgeries. Professor Haim Waisman and a group of multidisciplinary team is developing a biostable polymeric valved conduit that can be implanted surgically to reconstruct the Right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) and then expanded (by successive transcatheter procedures) to avoid multiple surgeries in children. The overall objective is to design, validate and demonstrate the in vitro and in vivo proof-of-concept of the expandability and valvar competence of the device.




Design optimization of a cardiovascular stent with application to a balloon expandable prosthetic heart valve, Materials & Design, 209, 109977, 2021
Mechanical considerations for polymeric heart valve development: biomechanics, materials, design and manufacturing, Biomaterials, 225, 119493, 2020    
  Funding agency: National Institute of Health