Infrastructure Delivery and Management (New Frontiers)

Development and application of decision support systems for infrastructure asset management. Strategic indicators of infrastructure performance and service. Economically sustainable strategies for the provision of civil infrastructure systems and services. Portfolio approaches to infrastructure development, operation, and management. Procurement processes and project delivery systems. Risk allocation and management of integrated facility delivery and system-wide operation and maintenance contracts.

The department's research in infrastructure delivery and management focuses on:
  • Modeling contractual agreements for infrastructure risk mitigation using real options
  • Asset management under uncertainty and risk
  • Bridge management systems, deterioration, and cost models for bridge systems, data analysis, and processing
  • Risk analysis and mitigation of public-private-partnership infrastructure projects
  • Work practice change associated increasing utilization of public-private-partnership
  • Infrastructure project finance / building finance
  • Multi-hazard risk analysis of infrastructure systems (earthquake, hurricane, flooding, terrorism)
  • Supply-chain integration in infrastructure management
  • Hedging commodity risk in infrastructure projects (steel)
  • Operations research applications in infrastructure management