Kyle Hom, a DES student in CEEM, won the second-place award in the 2021 student paper competition for the SHMC Committee at 2021 EMI Conference

Oct 15 2021

Kyle Hom, a second-year Doctor of Engineering Science student in CEEM working with Prof. R. Betti and Prof. H. Beigi (Computer Science), received the second-place award in the student paper competition organized by the ASCE EMI Structural Health Monitoring committee during the 2021 ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference.  Kyle presented his innovative work on the use of x-vectors in applications of damage assessment in bridges.  His innovative approach uses features that are used in the audio domain to assess the existence of damage in structural systems.  Using Time-Delay Neural Network models, he transfers knowledge obtained by training a TDNN model with available datasets to detect damage in structures that were not part of the training datasets.