CEEM Department Welcomes New Faculty Member Sharon Di Specializing in Transportation

Jan 08 2017
Prof. Di
Sharon Di

The Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics department welcomes Sharon Di as our newest faculty member in the Fall 2016 semester.  Prof. Di is a tenure-track Assistant Professor whose research interests include transportation systems optimization, shared mobility modeling with game-theoretic approach, and big data applications in urban mobility modeling.

The entry of large IT corporations such as Google and Apple into the car market and the rapid growth of Uber and Didi/Kuaidi marks a new era for the "next-generation transportation systems". Transportation infrastructure, vehicle fleets, and people’s driving and travel behavior would undergo major transformations. Understanding such changes requires knowledge in optimization, statistics, and machine learning, while domain knowledge in transportation systems continues to play a pivotal role. This is a unique and exciting time to study and conduct research on transportation science from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Located in one of the world’s busiest regions - Manhattan in New York City - Columbia University offers a natural laboratory to conduct cutting-edge research in transportation. The Data Science Institute provides a multi-disciplinary platform to facilitate collaboration among researchers from Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Statistics, Economics, Business, and the Law School. Prof. Di is looking for highly motivated graduate students with strong backgrounds in optimization, programming, and machine learning to join her in this promising research field.