Civil Engineering PhD Students Win Most Best Paper Student Awards at EMI 2015

Jun 24 2015

From L to R: Madeleine Lopeman, Jinwoo Jang, Sung-Hwan Jang, Gan Song, Thaleia Kontoroupi. The photo was taken during the conference banquet where awards were announced.

During the recent American Society of Civil Engineers – Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference at Stanford University (June 16-19, 2015), Columbia’s Civil Engineering PhD students won five Best Paper Student Awards, the most among all universities represented at the 700+ participants international conference. Madeleine Lopeman (advisor: Deodatis) and Thaleia Kontoroupi (advisor: Smyth) shared the first place in the Probabilistic Methods competition, Jinwoo Jang (advisor: Smyth) won first place in the Dynamics competition, Sung-Hwan Jang (advisor: Yin) was the winner in the Experimental Analysis and Instrumentation student poster competition, and Gan Song (advisor: Yin) won first place in the Inelasticity competition. The annual ASCE EMI Conference is considered the premier international conference in the field of Engineering Mechanics.