Civil Engineering Students Win Most Best Paper Student Awards

Jun 30 2015 | Columbia’s Civil Engineering students won five awards, the most among all universities represented.

During the recent American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) - Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference held June 16-19 at Stanford University, Columbia’s Civil Engineering PhD students won five Best Paper Student Awards, the most among all universities represented. Madeleine Lopeman, advised by George Deodatis, Santiago and Robertina Calatrava Family Professor and chair of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, and Thaleia Kontoroupi, advised by Professor Andrew Smyth, shared the first place in the Probabilistic Methods competition. Jinwoo Jang, also advised by Smyth, won first place in the Dynamics competition. Sung-Hwan Jang, advised by Associate Professor Huiming Yin, was the winner in the Experimental Analysis and Instrumentation student poster competition, and Gan Song, also advised by Yin, won first place in the Inelasticity competition. More than 700 participants attended the annual ASCE EMI Conference, which is considered the premier international conference in the field of Engineering Mechanics.

L-R: Madeleine Lopeman, Jinwoo Jang, Sung-Hwan Jang, Gan Song, and Thaleia Kontoroupi.