Dr. Ibrahim Odeh Speaks at Financial Times Summit on the 'Future of Construction'

May 30 2017

Dr. Ibrahim Odeh (center) speaking at the Financial Times summit on the “Future of Construction”.

Dr. Ibrahim Odeh participated and delivered a talk during a panel engagement at the Financial Times summit on the “Future of Construction” in London on May 18th 2017. During the summit, Dr. Odeh and Dr. Michael Buehler; the Head of Infrastructure and Urban Development at the World Economic Forum (WEF), shared an article they co-authored with Mr. Santiago Castagnino, Partner & Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group, titled “Eight ways to win the fight for talent in construction”. Their presentation focused on the critical topic facing the construction industry, namely, tackling the construction skills gap. Read the full article on the Future of Construction organization's blog.

Furthermore, Dr. Odeh is working closely with the WEF team in preparing the third phase of the multi-year project “Future of Construction” initiative. The team also took Dr. Odeh's thoughts on the next big thing in the construction industry. The full video of Dr. Odeh's remarks is also on the blog.