Haim Waisman is Awarded Two New Grants to Develop Innovative Computational Methods in Engineering Mechanics Applications

Sep 26 2013

Haim Waisman

Associate Professor Haim Waisman has recently been awarded two new grants: one from the National Science Foundation ($350,000) and the other from the Army Research Office ($300,000) to develop innovative computational methods for important engineering mechanics problems.

The NSF grant, from the Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Division (CMMI),  under the Engineering and Systems Design (ESD) program, is to study “Topology Optimization of Structures Accounting for Damage Uncertainties.” The objective of the proposed research is to introduce a new design paradigm in structural engineering that employs topology optimization for generating optimal structures that are resistant to multiple forms of damage and thus lead to robust designs. The research will be conducted with Dr. Kai James, a postdoctoral fellow in the Civil Engineering and Engineering department working with Professor Waisman. (see poster at the entrance to the department for more details)

The ARO grant, from the Mechanical Sciences Division, under the Solid Mechanics Program is to study “High Strain Rate Failure Modeling incorporating Shear Banding and Fracture”. The objective of this research will be to develop reliable finite element models for high strain rate failure modeling, simultaneously incorporating shear banding and fracture. Such processes are typicalin high speed impact or blast in mechanics of materials. Professor Waisman will conduct this research with his PhD student, Colin McAuliffe.