Igloo "Engineered" by the Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Jan 27 2016

On January 24, in the aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas, the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers hosted an igloo build event on the lawn in front of Butler Library. 12 Columbia civil engineering students and some non-engineer friends completed the igloo in 6 hours, using dorm room trash cans to dig out the snow and make snow bricks. Students solved the challenge of engineering the domed roof of the igloo by simultaneously placing four snow bricks to form a self-supporting arch.

The igloo measures about 5 feet in diameter, 5 feet in height, and can comfortably fit six people sitting down inside.

(L to R):
Back Row: Jacklyn Uniza, Monte Metal, Idris Sardharwala, Pratik Jedhe, Stephanie Berrios, Anthony Pensiero, Paras Khaitan, Luke Auewarakul
Front Row: Catherine Zhao, Ye Qian, Frank Fang, Max Berrios, Vivian Huang, Hao Pham