Dean Boyce, Columbia Engineering Faculty Collaborate With Cornell Engineering to Present Recommendations for Major Subway Renovation

Jan 04 2019

Last month, leadership from Columbia Engineering and Cornell Engineering toured New York’s L train tunnel, which was substantially damaged in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who led the tour, had asked the group to assess whether it would be possible to repair the tunnel without requiring a full shutdown of the subway line.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo held a press conference at which the expert panel presented their recommendations. Dean Boyce, alongside Cornell Engineering Dean Lance Collins, announced that the team had devised a new approach capable of keeping the tunnel open during reconstruction.

Following the presentation, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority accepted their recommendations, which included a series of innovative engineering methods to streamline the required repair work and limit the impact on L Train service. Work could be completed on nights and weekends only, with a single tube providing continued service in both directions during work periods.

The press conference can be viewed below.

Video of press conference with Governor Andrew Cuomo and Dean Mary C. Boyce