Prof. Hoe I. Ling Appointed Editor-In-Chief for Springer’s New Journal

Sep 20 2013
Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology

Prof. Hoe I. Ling, together with Prof. Jonathan T.H. Wu of University of Colorado, are appointed Editors-In-Chief to a new Springer’s journal: Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology. The Journal is to be launched in January 2014, focusing on advancement of geotechnology in transportation infrastructure. 

Over the past two decades, most new developments and innovations in transportation infrastructure have arguably been in the area of geotechnology.  Most notably, new construction materials (such as geosynthetics, chemical treated soil, and recycled materials) have been employed with increasing frequency in earthwork construction. Also, new construction techniques (including the use of innovative ground-improvement methods) have been developed, and much attention has been paid to sustainability of these geosystems.

Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology aims at providing an up-to-date reference of new developments in transportation infrastructure geotechnology to researchers and practicing engineers engaging in geotechnical aspects of transportation infrastructure. The Journal will feature original peer-reviewed technical papers, review articles, and technical notes on:

  • case histories in transportation infrastructure geotechnology
  • geotechnical design and analysis of transportation infrastructure
  • construction, repairs, rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure
  • geosynthetics and applications
  • ground improvement techniques
  • geomaterials and recycled materials
  • earthwork and performance evaluation of transportation facilities
  • sustainability, risk assessment, and environmental issues
  • geotechnics for pavements
  • smart infrastructure

The Tatsuoka Best Paper Award will be given annually to honor the author(s) of a paper of exceptional merit and contribution.