PhD student Eleonora Maria Tronci received the 2021 IMAC Best Student Paper Award from the Society for Experimental Mechanics.

Oct 15 2021

The Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Department is pleased to congratulate PhD student Eleonora Tronci on her selection for the Best Student Paper Award in the Dynamics of Civil Structures Technical Division at the IMAC Conference s by the Society for Experimental Mechanics held in February 2021. Eleonora, under the supervision of Professor Feng and the co-supervision of professor Betti and professor Beigi, was the lead author of a paper titled "Transfer Learning from Audio Domains a Valuable Tool for Structural Health Monitoring".

Under the guidance of Prof. Maria Feng, Eleonora's research focuses on developing vibration-based SHM frameworks for damage classification in civil and mechanical systems using transfer learning methodologies to enhance knowledge extraction effectively. This is achieved by cleverly tapping from rich prediction and classification models trained on large datasets, such as audio data, and then transferring the gained knowledge for addressing the health condition of structures.