USDA Grant Awarded - An Integrated Approach to Zero-Energy Greenhouses Using Solar and Geothermal Energy

Oct 15 2021


Awardees: PI - Huiming Yin, Columbia University, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tilly Foster Farm, Sustainable Product Development Laboratory. $0.5M, 2/1/2021-1/31/2024

Given the rising demand for food due to rapid population growth, greenhouses have become one of the most common on-farm facilities. However, conventional commercial greenhouses use fossil fuel energy for heating, contributing to agriculture’s carbon footprint and suffering from low energy efficiency, short lifespans, and high maintenance costs. The long-term goal of this project is to develop a zero-energy greenhouse using solar and geothermal energy. Building integrated photovoltaic-thermal (BIPVT) panels for the roofing system and phase change material (PCM) based underground heat storage/dissipation system will be used for supplemental lighting and temperature/moisture control of the greenhouse.