Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Research of Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment and Mitigation explores risk assessment and risk management of civil infrastructure subjected to natural and man-made hazards. These hazards include earthquakes, floods, wind and blasts. Civil infrastructure includes buildings, bridges, above ground and underground transportation facilities, etc.

Led by Professors Deodatis and Smyth, the department's research in multi-hazard risk assessment and mitigation has recently focused on the following representative projects:

  • Loss estimation of building portfolios located over an extended geographical area and subjected to multiple seismic events;
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation of flooding in the New York City subway network due to hurricane-induced storm surges;
  • Resilience, sustainability, and interdependencies among the transportation, energy, and public health networks subjected to short-term disasters (e.g., flooding, wind, and earthquake) and long-term challenges (e.g., energy shortages, sea level rise, a rise in temperature);
  • Probabilistic benefit-cost analysis for earthquake damage mitigation through evaluation of different retrofitting measures for residential buildings in Istanbul, Turkey.

Affiliated Faculty