Safety and Reliability

Research in Safety and Reliability explores primarily probabilistic and statistical approaches for the analysis, optimization, design, construction, maintenance and operations of structures and other engineering systems, such as buildings, bridges, earth structures, offshore facilities, and nuclear structural systems.

Led by Professors Deodatis and Kougioumtzoglou, the department’s research in safety and reliability has recently focused on the following representative projects:  

  • Modeling and simulation techniques for uncertain loads and environmental effects, and for material/media properties.
  • Signal processing techniques for uncertainty modeling subject to incomplete data, and for joint time-frequency analysis of structural systems subject to non-stationary excitations.
  • Stochastic response determination and optimization methodologies for diverse dynamic systems ranging from vibratory energy harvesters to civil infrastructure systems.
  • Performance/Reliability assessment of complex engineering systems exhibiting diverse nonlinear/hysteretic behaviors, and following a fractional derivative modeling. a
Safety and Reliability

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