E.g., 02/25/2021
E.g., 02/25/2021
Dr. Ibrahim Odeh, Founding Director of the Global Leaders of Construction Management (GLCM) program at Columbia University, was appointed as a… More
Feb 10 2021
Our faculty and students contributed breakthroughs and major advancements that will shape 2021 and beyond. Here’s just a snapshot of their many… More
Dec 21 2020
Columbia Earth and Environmental engineers lead a $1M multi-university team funded by NSF Convergence Accelerator to use AI and machine… More
Oct 7 2020
Making cement from seawater, recycling slag into rare-earth elements, and pushing data centers toward maximum efficiency--how our labs are… More
Sep 22 2020
Press Release
The department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics is pleased to announce a new MS specialization area in Computational and… More
Sep 9 2020
A Design Challenge series helps students remotely connect, collaborate and create new solutions.
Aug 27 2020
Christian Meyer, professor emeritus in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (CEEM), passed away peacefully in his… More
Jun 11 2020
In Memoriam, Christian MeyerProfessor Emeritus, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics1943 - 2020
Jun 10 2020
The department is proud to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our class of 2020!
May 18 2020
Using optimization, game theory, and data analytics, Di will model a framework to improve transportation ecosystems of the future.
Apr 30 2020