Professor Ibrahim Odeh Chosen as a Winner of Inaugural McGraw Hill Pathfinder Awards

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May 05, 2023

McGraw Hill, a leading global education company, announced on May 2, 2023, the inaugural winners of the McGraw Hill Pathfinder Awards, which recognize educators for innovative and inventive teaching. This year’s three winners include CEEM's department, Professor Ibrahim Odeh, recognized as an exceptional educator in post-graduate education while breaking new ground in his approach to teaching and helping learners succeed.

As a professor of Construction Management, Business Strategy & Development, Ibrahim Odeh trains engineers who will be the future leaders of the world’s biggest construction projects. He teaches Columbia students in-person in New York, exposing them to industry leaders and taking them on trips to construction sites around the globe. But Ibrahim is also democratizing access to his courses through wildly popular MOOCs (“Massively Open Online Courses”) that are available to professionals in the industry and to learners studying independently anywhere. His Construction Management course, which he led along with world-renowned guest presenters, currently is the largest construction course in the world with over half a million learners in 190 countries taking his courses already. Students in far-flung parts of the world have reached out to thank him for making these courses available to those who can’t travel to universities in global hubs.

“We can have a great positive impact on people from the biggest cities to even small villages, in professional life, and also at other educational institutions,” he says. “That’s exciting and it keeps us going and motivated.”

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