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Dr. Ibrahim Odeh, Founding Director of the Global Leaders of Construction Management (GLCM) program at Columbia University, was appointed as a member of the Global Infrastructure Hub’s Academic Advisory Board.The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) headquartered in Sydney, Australia was established by the G20 in 2014. The focus of the GI Hub is to support the G20 agenda, to connect the global infrastructure community and to share insights to facilitate delivery of G20 members’ economic, social and environmental outcomes through increased and improved infrastructure.

The department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics is pleased to announce a new MS specialization area in Computational and Data-Driven Engineering Mechanics. This program is intended for individuals who wish to enrich their knowledge and learn the state-of-the-art in computational and data-driven methods used in engineering mechanics. These skills are highly desired in industry, national laboratories, and academic careers. Upon graduation the students will receive a certificate and will be provided with a letter from the department chairperson acknowledging successful program completion and specialization in Computational and Data-Driven Engineering Mechanics.


Maria Q. Feng, Renwick Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, has been awarded the Robert Moskovic Award for contributions in the Safety and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems field.

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